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Treat yourself to indulgent lounging with our Full NEST Chair in Bunny Fur! NEST is our latest design that features built-in support for your head and neck so you can sink into unmatchable comfort and let all your worries float away. You'll instantly feel safe, secure, and comfortable the second you fall back into this cozy chair.

The base is a high-end, soft-spun polyester fabric that provides luxurious texture and generous support, but what you'll feel when you fall into your NEST is the softest fur on the planet. It's so soft that we call it bunny fur. Of course, it's "faux" bunny fabric because we aren't cruel! And if you ever need to wash your NEST cover, simply pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle - it's that easy.

Expecting guests or looking for the perfect place to take a nap? Our NEST converts to a bed just like our Classic chairs! Just remove the cover to reveal a full-size foam bed, and you're ready for last-minute overnight guests and impromptu naps. We’ve even made it possible to convert your Classic CordaRoy's Chair to a NEST. All you'll need is the NEST cover in the corresponding size available in our Extra Covers section, and you're all set!

Perfect for kids and adults, this versatile bean bag chair features handy pockets for phones and remotes, so everything you need is within arm's reach. And with the handle on the back, you can move your NEST chair to your favorite spot in the house. With a variety of colors to match any decor and a lifetime guarantee, our Full NEST Chair in Bunny Fur is the perfect addition to any room in your home.

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